Group Critique

Tuesday, 22nd November – 1:30pm session

For this week’s group critique Anna opened by talking to us all about experimentation and how we should be thinking more about what different kind of mediums we can use and our general concepts than about our final pieces.

I agree with this as I feel there is more experimentation that I want to do before I decide on my final piece and how that will be created and presented.

When it was my turn to talk about my ideas I told the group that so far I was unsure about a specific concept, and rather I was looking at an umbrella concept: boundaries. We spoke about boundaries and my peers and my tutor had some good feedback in terms of what I could explore:

  • One of my peers suggested that I look into mental health and the boundaries one can face as someone who suffers with mental illness – however this is a topic I have developed projects around before and I feel that I would like to explore something new.
  • Another one of my peers suggested that I look into what kinds of mediums suggested boundaries in terms of narrative, such as flexible materials representing flexible, maybe breakable boundaries, whereas hard materials may represent unbreakable or very old boundaries. This is an interesting idea and I feel that it will be useful in my project.
  • Anna expressed that she was very interested in my concept and would be interested to see how I experiment with it. She gave me the names of a selection of artists that I will be looking into to inspire me and to use as contextual references in my project.

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