Project Proposal & Pro forma

This is a working proposal that will be changed and updated if necessary throughout the project. 

Name: Chelsie Southern
Working title: Untitled

I intend to create a three dimensional piece physically representing the boundaries women and people of colour face in the art industry. I will be experimenting with mediums throughout the project and producing a piece with a narrative that relies on the medium it was created from. By looking at a range of artists I will establish how my body of work can conceptually represent a physical, mental and social boundary. My intention for the project is to produce a piece that uses multiple tools of narrating to highlight a range of sub-points within the overall narrative.

I feel that I produce better work when I focus on a theme that I resonate with, and I feel that in this module of experimentation it would be best for me to work with an idea that I already have a great deal of knowledge about so that I can use the tools at my disposal in the best possible way.

The idea that women and people of colour are at a disadvantage in the art world has been downtrodden in current times as it is the general idea that we’ve overcome such boundaries, when in reality we still have a long way to go. I feel that because this is an issue that affects me as woman I am able to explore the issue in more depth and in a more personal way which will reflect well in my experimentation of mediums and reasoning.

I also want to produce this body of work because the idea itself gives way to a range of experimentation, although the idea itself is specific the medium through which I communicate the idea does not have to be. This leaves me with a wide array of avenues to explore in order to properly convey the narrative, in terms of medium, what exactly I want to display and how.

Aims & Objectives
My body of work will be aimed at those who have any knowledge of the art world, or any interest in it. This work is an awareness campaign of sorts, as it is raising awareness for the boundary that still lies between women & people of colour and access to create and display their art without sexism or racism.

My approach to the work will be forward and unsympathetic to the audience. I feel that I almost want my audience to feel the sense of shock, the sense of being overwhelmed with truth that is undeniable. I want them to feel this way because society themselves are at fault for denying these categories of people a chance to create and a chance to show what they have created, and society must be faced with how this has affected the people involved.

For this module I will require the support of the 3D tutors and their knowledge of equipment, as I will no doubt be experimenting with multiple mediums and will need the help and opinions of these tutors to advise me on methods and safety.

At this point in my project I am not yet sure what equipment I will need specifically, however throughout my project I will update my proposal to include this. I am also not sure if this project will rely on any external locations outside of the university, this – along with my budget, will be updated as my project progresses.


Overall my project is about breaking down barriers between people who want to create, and the ability to do so. I am focussing on how boundaries are put up, why they are put up, by who, and for what? This particular issue of women and people of colour being shut out of the art industry seems political, and for that reason I can understand that not everyone will be able to resonate with the piece. To some people that the issue does not affect it is not as easy to see why it is important, however this project to me, is about doing my best to show everyone why it is important, and what breaking down this boundary could do for those on the other side of it.

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