Starting to experiment with Vacuum Forming

Today I went to the 3D lab and spoke to Kostas, the tutor who works with different 3D elements such as the laser cuter, vacuum former and types of sculpture. I spoke to him about my idea and we discussed the different ways I could go about creating a vacuum form of parts of the human body when I couldn’t put an actual person inside the machine.

  • We first discussed the idea of using the CNC/3D printers to create a model using a 3D scan of the body part, however Kostas said that the scanner is not always completely accurate so the resulting model would need to be tidied up and remade if it wasn’t an accurate enough representation.
  • We then discussed the idea of using the laser cutter to create model face, however he showed me a facial outline that had been created that way and there was not a great deal of detail which would lessen the overall effect of the project.
  • We finally discussed the idea of making a mould of my own hands using a skin safe impression material called Alginate. After creating a negative mould I could then create a positive mould from that, and use that in the vacuum forming machine to create the final piece.

We have decided to meet up during the morning next week to begin this process and experiment with the materials that we have at our disposal. I am excited to begin this process and find out what I can create and how I can manipulate the way it looks based on materials and processes.

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