Group Critique

This week I spoke to my peers for feedback with my progress so far in the module. I explained to them how I was looking to explore the boundaries women and people of colour experience in the art world.  I feel that as my peers are part of the art world they would be able to resonate with or at least understand my point.

I described to them what kind of work I wanted to produce using vac-forming, and in response my peers came back to me with a selection of ideas:

  • One of my peers suggested I used a ready made set of features such as face or hands to make moulds of. We discussed this but I feel the amount of detail I want to capture would be more than I would be able to get from a ready made model.
  • Another of my peers suggested that I could try and use a heated material such as plastic in a similar way to vac forming however I could do it manually, such as pushing my hands/face/body features into the heated material and then letting it cool. This seems like it could produce an interesting effect.
  • Generally my peers felt that the idea was strong and that it could produce an interesting outcome, however they all felt that the final piece may need an accompanying statement to make sure the point was clear to the viewer, in a non-patronising, educating way.

I feel that all of these points are valid and I shall be exploring different ways to create my final piece, such as ‘manual vac forming’ and I shall also be thinking about what kind of accompanying statement or features of my work that will explain to the audience what boundary I’m trying to represent.

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