Group Critique

This week I talked to my peers about my idea of creating a vacuum formed human form in the style of Julien Palast, and how I was to create that using the tools in the 3D lab. I also explained how I was continuing my work relating to boundaries and how this project would relate to my chosen boundary.

My peers had this feedback for me:

  • One of my peers asked me how I planned to make it obvious to the viewer that my piece was relating to this particular boundary. This was a great point to make as I hadn’t made up my mind at this point whether or not I’ll be presenting an accompanying artist statement or whether or not I want the piece to represent the narrative by itself. This is something to think about before my next critique.
  • Another of my peers told me that they thought the idea was engaging and that it was an interesting visual representation of this particular boundary. They expressed how important they thought it was that the features were either expressly female or of a person of colour to enforce the concept of my piece. This is something I will be aware of as I am creating my final piece.
  • One of my tutors asked me if I had considered the colouring of the work I would produce, and whether or not I had thought about how this would link into my work. It is a valid point that I will be thinking about during the process of creating, depending on the material I end up using.

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