Personal reflection

This week I had to rethink my proposal as my original idea did not produce the outcome that I wanted, however I am happy with how I have decided to carry on with the project – I still feel that the original concept of the piece will be present and well represented in my final piece, just in a different way.

I have been looking deeper into my concept, researching art relating to the gender bias, and the race bias within the art world. I feel that my research has taught me a lot about how this boundary has come about, how present it still is in today’s society and how society’s views affect this boundary.

What has gone well this week?

  • I have experimented with the final piece that I wanted to produce and learned a great deal about the mediums I have/am currently working with. I feel that the knowledge I  have gained from this week spent in the 3D lab is really beneficial in terms of knowing which methods and mediums produce which outcomes. Even though my final idea has changed in terms of medium I’m still confident in my ability to produce work which narrates the message I intend it to.
  • I’ve researched further into my intended narrative and feel confident in the research my final piece will be backed up by. Although I originally chose the topic because I personally resonate with it I feel that I’ve become able resonate with it even more as I learn more about the issue. I feel that the key to producing work with a strong concept is to understand the concept and I feel that I’ve managed to do that so far.

What could I have done better?

  • I feel that I could have started experimenting with different mediums earlier in my project as although I am left with plenty of time to complete my final pieces at this point I feel that it would have been more beneficial to experiment with a wider range of mediums to expand my knowledge.
  • I feel that I could have explored more sources in terms of research, I have been to an exhibition and used a variety of online resources however I feel that looking at journals and books may also be beneficial to the research segment of this module. I will try to use some of these sources to improve my research before the end of the module.


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