Thinking about my feedback

So far I have received various bits of feedback from my group critiques. This week I am reflecting upon them to make sure I have answered any questions I was asked or that I thought of and that all of the inspiration available to me has been used to the best of my ability.

Last week one of my peers told me how important they thought it was that the features in the final piece were expressly female or of a person of colour as this is who my concept lies with. When I changed my proposal and decided to create my final pieces from plaster I made sure when I created the alginate moulds that I included my own features as I am a female and it made more sense to use myself for the model rather than having someone else come in. This way I could control the gestures more. I intentionally left my ring on when I created the fist casts as it is classed as a typically ‘female’ thing to wear rings. When I created my facial cast I was sure to leave my hair down to that it would leave an impression on the alginate. Alongside my hair I wore make up that transferred to the alginate and then to the plaster, and together with this my facial features are generally feminine so I felt like it was obvious to the viewer that the person being represented is female.

I have also been thinking about one of my peers asking me how I was intending to ensure that the audience understood the concept of the piece. I have decided to come up with an accompanying artist statement for my piece but as I feel that the piece is self explanatory to a degree the statement will be short and concise, and most importantly – not patronising toward the viewers.

Last week I was asked whether or not I had considered the colour of my final piece and if so, how would it link to the concept. After deciding to use plaster I knew that the plaster could be white unless I dyed the plaster before setting it or painted it afterwards. I thought about how colour could relate to my boundary and realised that the plaster being white was an advantage to me. The boundary that females and people of colour are trying to break down is the stereotypical white male artwork, therefore keeping the plaster white represents the boundary in some way. Although it focuses more on the ‘white’ side rather than being male it definitely adds another layer of depth to the piece.


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