Group Critique

This week we had a whole group critique in which I showed my peers my final pieces and asked for their feedback.

A good deal of the feedback I got was positive. Those who had suggested ideas and alterations through the previous critiques commented on how I had used them.

  • The peer who had told me they thought the features should be female/a person of colour came back to me and told me that they thought the female attributes I had included in my final piece made it stronger in terms of the concept being obvious.
  • Another peer who suggested the use of an accompanying statement asked me how I was developing this. At this point I hadn’t created the statement yet but I explained to them that it would be concise and explanatory. They recommended that I kept it short and that I allowed the statement to be as unsympathetic as the piece itself, and not to sugarcoat the concept as I had previous said I wanted the piece to be blunt and unapologetic. This is something I am thinking about as I have not yet created my statement.
  • I explained to a few of my peers that one of my tutors had commented on the colour of the final piece, and I explained to them why I had chosen to use this medium in this colour and the feedback I got was positive in terms of them agreeing that what I had chosen was interesting and representative of my concept.

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