The Leaf of Pablo Exhibition at The Hutt – Liverpool–-white-edition/

Iron Age



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Personal Evaluation

I am pleased with the work I have produced overall for this module.

I have taken inspiration from a range of artists and sources. The basis for my inspiration stemmed from Neolithic and Greek sculptural eras. Within their work there was a development of human expression, dramatic gestures and introspection. This level of physical and metaphorical depth within a camera-less medium inspired me to reflect on myself and society, and our seeming lack of ability to recognise our faults despite our ability to introspect.

I also took inspiration from artist Vik Muniz whose work showed how crucial a medium can be to a piece of artwork, and how it adds more depth than simply photographing the subject. He created a prime example of this by creating portraits of sugar plantation workers from sugar, using their creation to create portraits of them. This idea of adding depth and meaning by choosing the most expressionate medium for the subject is something I have carried throughout my project.

I also took inspiration from Rene Matic, a young female artist who has created work that represents her female, black, queer space within the art world. She has spoken and written inflammatory essays, one of which I discovered at The Leaf of Pablo exhibition – Black girl in the art world. Matic has inspired me to create work that is unsympathetic to those people in society than carry on enforcing the white male art world.

Alongside Matic, I have been inspired by the Guerrilla Girls and their ability to use facts and figures, as I have used in my artist statement, to show society it’s faults in terms of being sexist and racist when it comes to displaying and celebrating art work.

As well as using the inspiration from these artists, I have also used my own knowledge that I have gained through experimentation of mediums and research into their history. I feel that by experimenting with different mediums and what they can symbolise has helped me to create a engaging piece that holds a valid and somewhat obvious political statement in terms of how society percepts validity within the art world, and who is left out.

What went well?

  • During this unit I learned a great deal of technical skills. I experimented with the vacuum former, learning about what kinds of effects can produced depending on how it’s used. I also experimented with alginate to mould, and plaster of paris to cast. During this process I learned about how to manipulate these materials to create the style and end product that I wanted.
  • Although I started this unit focused on this issue because I knew a lot about it, I have increased my knowledge and because of this I have been able to create a far more informative piece that I originally thought I would be able to.
  • I have fulling engaged with the use of other mediums to create art instead of or as an addition to photography. I understand now far more than I did at the start of the module, especially when it comes to understanding how different mediums can lend different depths and meanings when depicting subjects. There is such a wide variety of levels that can be expressed physically that photography cannot express, and I feel that I have developed by ability to understand that and create with this in mind.

Even better if..

  • I feel that during this module I may have focused too quickly on my final piece without exploring a wider range of mediums, as although I am happy with the outcome there is always a possibility I could have improved it had I had more knowledge on a wider range of mediums.
  • I feel that I missed out on chances to learn more about different mediums due to being ill during some technical workshops. Had I caught up with these sooner I may have been able to incorporate different mediums into my work or at least have the knowledge of these mediums to use in the future, or as inspiration for this module.

Generally I am pleased with the outcome of this piece and how it has changed and developed alongside my knowledge during this unit. I feel that the pieces I have created accurately represent the boundary that women and people of colour face within the art industry and I hope this translates well during my presentation and displaying of this artwork.

Accompanying artist statement

The Break’s Over, Let’s Take Over

3D Body Cast – Plaster of Paris

Only 16% of the world’s population are white. Only 50.4% of the worlds population is male. Yet statistically there is more artwork shown and celebrated in the art world that is created by white males than any other background. Why do we refuse to showcase the creativity of women, and people of colour?

‘Only’ 49.6% of the world’s population is female. ‘Only’ 84% of the world’s population are people of colour. Where is their representation within the art community? 

We are stuck behind a boundary that society has erected, but our creativity deserves to be celebrated without being condemned to being ‘too angry, too political, too girly, too black’. We will not be stuck behind this boundary anymore, the break’s over, let’s take over.